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Summer ‘NEW’s for SVYH

Hi all-

While summer is in full swing, and the longest day of the year has come and gone, we wanted to let you know that the SVYH Board has been hard at work bringing in a new era for the coming season.  Some of the kids have been skating with Cody, some playing soccer, and others playing at the lake. All of which is time well spent, and we have committed our time to organizing next season to ensure growth and development for all. We want to announce a series of changes and new steps for the program:

1- New Position: The Board has just created our first full-time, 9 month position- a Director of Hockey Operations and Head Coach of the High School. The thinking behind this position is to solidify the leadership at the upper end of our program, while building a strong base and outreach program to continue our success for years to come.  We advertised this position nationally and received 40 resumes from across the country and even across the planet. 

2- New Face: A committee of 5 narrowed the impressive resume stack down to ten, and then down to 4. From a stack that literally made us giddy with opportunities, we have hired Robbie Murden who comes to us from Toronto, and most recently from Hamilton College. His leadership as captains of his teams in the OJHL and in the NCAA are commendable. He has worked with Ultimate Hockey Training, helped coach minor-level hockey, and helped developed hockey prospects at Puck Agency, one of the largest NHL player agencies in the world among other tasks. Robbie has been preparing for leadership in many arenas of his life-he impressed the committee and the entire board in his proactive style of researching SVYH and proposing some action plans for us to take. He is a young man who could be playing pro hockey, could be chasing (like many of his classmates) a career on wall street with his economics degree, but tells us in his last email: Now, I want to help turn SVYH into a Model Program and inspire the next generation of youth to fall in love with the sport that has given me an education, life long friends, invaluable lessons and a career.

3- New Registrar: We are also excited to announce that Nancy Fenn will be taking the reigns as the Registrar/Administrator starting in September. She is currently serving homemade yumminess in Sunbeam, but will be spending some off-time by the river beginning to organize the hockey program for next year.  Nancy Buxton is working with her to make the transition smooth, and we appreciate her time and efforts with the program.

4- New Leadership: The board has elected Chris McAvoy to take over the role of President. While we have appreciated Pete Whitehead’s service, and look forward to his continued involvement on the board, we also look forward to new directions.  Chris has two kids in the program and is a founder of The Sage School. Heather Daves will continue as Secretary. We are actively looking for someone with financial expertise to take over the Treasurer role from long-time volunteer Lori Johnston.

5-New Members: We welcome Liza Weekes and Reamy Goodwin to the board currently. Liza’s son Parker went through the program here before continuing on to Holderness, playing junior hockey, and now playing at the College of St. Scholastica- while also guest-coaching with Cody Lampl here in town. She is currently Head of School at Pioneer Montessori. Reamy had 3 kids in the program, and is currently helping teach coaches how to improve their craft. Both of their skillsets are welcome additions.

6- Old Values: While much is new, and new structures may be built by all of these forces, we want to assure you that this team is committed to maintaining the values and mission of SVYH. We are committed to professionalizing the program and our offerings in the service of building a high-quality program. We are eternally grateful to all of the current and past volunteers who have been the life-blood of the program. We are actively working on creative solutions to keep our high-end skaters engaged, while still keeping an open door for young and developing skaters. In the end, we seek to remember that, as Robbie also stated in our interviews, hockey development is life skills development. We are in the business of helping to raise good athletes and good men and women.

More information will be coming out in the coming months, as the board seeks to improve its communication to our community. We welcome insights and wisdoms gathered. Here’s to a great 2017-18 Season.


Chris McAvoy

posted: June 28, 2017

Thanks to Everyone for another Successful Hockey Season!

Please look for information concerning registration for the 2017-18 season in September.

Employment Opportunity with SVYH

Director of Hockey Operations and

Head Coach of High School

Sun Valley Youth Hockey is hiring for a full time position for 9 months of the year. This person will be in charge of building and improving the quality of the hockey program at SVYH from mites through high school, as well as being head coach of our high school team. He/she will be charged with growing, leading, nurturing the SVYH program, mission, and values.  We have roughly 200 kids involved in our hockey program, 2 rinks available, and countless opportunities for engaging youth. We are searching for someone who has the vision, drive, and passion to engage the athletes that Sun Valley is known for and to grow an already existing program into a dynamic and flexible hockey program.


Send Cover Letter and Resume by June 15th to Full job description available below.

Upcoming Schedule


Coaching Clinics:


Sun Valley Tournaments

Sun Valley Youth Hockey welcomes you! Please see our home tournaments listed here with contact information.

2016-17 Practice Schedule Sun Valley & Hailey Ice

Following is the practice and dryland schedule for 2016-17. If your team is offered two options for dryland, you will choose which one works best for you.  For the first week, please show up to the option you choose and coach will adjust if needed.  

Mini Mite- Monday 4-5 pm in Hailey, Wednesday 4-5 pm in SV, Dryland Thursday 4-5

Mity Mite- Monday 5-6 pm in Hailey, Wednesday 5-6 pm in SV, Dryland Thursday 4-5

Squirts- Dryland option 1 Monday 4-5, Tuesday 5-6:15 in Hailey, Wednesday Dryland option 2 5:30-6:30, Thursday 5-6:15 in SV

U/14 Girls- Monday 5-6:15 in SV, Tuesday Dryland 6-7 pm, Wednesday 4:15-5:30 in Hailey

Peewee- Dryland option 1 Monday 5-6, Tuesday 630-745 in Hailey and TuesdayDryland option 2 5-6 pm, Thursday 630-745 in SV

Bantam- Tuesday 5:30-6:30 in SV, Wednesday 5:45-6:45 in Hailey, Thursday 6:30-7:30 in Hailey, Dryland Thursday 5-6pm

U/19 Girls- Tuesday 5:30-6:30 in SV, Wednesday 5:45-6:45 in Hailey, DrylandWednesday 4:30-5:30, Thursday 6:30-7:30 in Hailey

High School- Tuesday Dryland 4-5 pm, Wednesday 7-830 in Hailey, Thursday 445-615 in Hailey